Rux Advisory Board Chair Dr Marlene Kanga AO joins International Standards Organisation (ISO)

Rux Energy Advisory Board Chair Dr Marlene Kanga AO has been confirmed as a member of ISO TC 197 Committee for Hydrogen Safety, representing the World Federation of Engineering Organisations, a Category A Liaison member of ISO.

ISO is the peak global body driving safety standards and certification. ISO TC 197 is responsible for developing international hydrogen standards.

Significant updates and alignments are needed across a range of hydrogen standards to ensure easier and more transparent implementation globally, especially those countries where safety culture is new.

Speaking at ISO TC 197’s Plenary (held at Standards Australia’s headquarters in December 2022), Rux Energy CEO Dr Jehan Kanga, said “ensuring zero emission hydrogen safety in every jurisdiction across the world is critical to increasing the velocity of the energy transition, as it forms the foundation of hydrogen’s social licence to operate”.

The development of hydrogen technologies in the energy sector must be founded on standards that guarantee the reliability and safety of all equipment and systems that will eventually be brought to market. Early establishment of standards can also accelerate public acceptance of hydrogen as an efficient and safe energy source.

For trade, the standards developed by ISO TC 197 will ensure the harmonisation of requirements, in terms of performance and safety, and allow new market entrants and governments to quickly upskill their teams to assist with deployment of zero emissions infrastructure.

This will maximise safety for all energy transition workers and users of hydrogen.

For industry, the standardisation efforts of ISO TC 197 enables better understanding of the relevant safety issues, and will help save lives through global alignment of safety policies, processes and protocols.

Environmentally, international standards for hydrogen will also harmonise testing methods and quality criteria for the use of hydrogen in all its forms, and ensure protection of the environment from unacceptable damage due to the operation and effects of products, processes and services linked to hydrogen.

These safety, social and environmental issues are of importance to Rux Energy as it develops its technologies for hydrogen gas storage for adoption by the market in Australia and internationally, and as we assist global communities to transition away from fossil fuels.

More information on ISO

ISO is a legal association composed of the National Standards Bodies (NSBs) of some 140 countries (organisations representing social and economic interests at the international level), supported by a Central Secretariat based in Geneva, Switzerland. Standards Australia is the national member for Australia at ISO.

Their principal deliverable is the
International Standard embodying the essential principles of global openness and transparency, consensus and technical coherence. These are safeguarded through its development in an ISO Technical Committee (ISO TC), representative of all interested parties, supported by a public comment phase (the ISO Technical Enquiry).

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