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Our Mission

Rux Energy is a mission driven, impact oriented company, focussed on accelerating decarbonisation for our hardest to abate industries: heavy mobility and aerospace.


We are driving breakthrough efficiencies in hydrogen storage through the use of proprietary nanoporous materials, and aim to deliver these gains at a fraction of the current cost, with zero waste and net zero emissions.

Our Indigenous Peoples

Rux Energy is committed to respecting and championing the rights of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, in line with the United Nations Declaration.

We are committed to going beyond ‘business as usual’, embedding Indigenous reconciliation, equity and justice in every part of the delivery of our core business practices.


We aim to champion Indigenous team members, Indigenous organisations within our supply chain and Indigenous local communities, ensuring that we also deliver climate equity and justice.

The role of hydrogen

Green hydrogen is the key to decarbonising our hardest to abate industries. It has the potential to:

Decarbonise transport: heavy mobility, aviation, marine

Decarbonise agriculture (food & fibre) across the value chain

Export the sun across continents via gas pipelines and shipping

Decarbonise mining, metals refining and chemicals industry

Provide interseasonal storage, long duration emergency power and electricity price smoothing

Decarbonise direct heat

and power

Rux is enabling change

Our nanoporous materials will increase the volumetric and cost efficiency of system-wide hydrogen storage. Our mission is to drive down costs, making green hydrogen competitive with fossil fuels.
Success in our planned pilot trials in heavy mobility and refuelling will help unlock these efficiencies by 2025.
Rux is uniquely placed within the key hydrogen first adopter market in New South Wales Australia, with a supportive advanced manufacturing, research and government support ecosystem.

Our Partners

Rux is working in close collaboration with major industry and research organisations across Australia.



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