Scaling up high-performance hydrogen storage Metal Organic Framework (MOF) materials

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Currently, the inability to store hydrogen gas (H2) efficiently is preventing it from being used as a zero-carbon fuel. Materials start-up, Rux Energy has developed highly adsorbent, nanoporous metal-organic framework (MOF) materials that can increase Hydrogen storage capacity in tanks. 

Proposed Solution

Rux Energy has partnered with the University of Sydney to scale up the manufacturing of advanced H2 adsorption materials. Over the course of 12 months, the research team will develop a manufacturing process from batch to continuous processing that allows for pilot production volumes and full-scale tank test. The outcomes of this project will allow Rux Energy to understand how the materials perform in relation to where and how they are placed in hydrogen tanks at low or high pressures. The developed MOF will be able to be converted to different formats to fill prototype tanks for use in demonstration projects to test in-field.

Industry partner

Rux Energy

Research organisation

University of Sydney

Manufacturing investment

$723,123 ($100,000 IMCRC) for 2021-22

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